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Welcome to my

You paint digital... and I with the paint...
You find the entrance to the paintings at the end of this page.


In this 'World Interactive Painting Project' (open since May 28th 2000) a series of real paintings is being created by you and other participants from all over the world! This happens interactive through this website and at the same time 'live' in my studio in The Hague, The Netherlands.

I - the painter - am just intermediate: the hands...
YOU - the visitor - are inspired: the creator...

Give me a painting-suggestion and I'll carry it out: every few days you can see the results of your contribution on my website. Except for periods of holiday afcourse.


Everybody can contribute to the transforming painting, by filling in the form on the next page. There you find the most recent version of the painting, to be worked on momentarily.
The actual painting takes place in my studio, on prepared canvas sized 150 - 190 cm, with acrylic paint.

After I painted your emailed - considered - suggestion on the canvas, I'll photograph the transformed painting and show the renewed version on my website. The painting-cycle can start again...
The older versions of the painting can still be seen in small-sized and placed on the page, behind the painting, together with your name and written suggestion, which led to your version of the painting.
- I have the right to refuse carrying out your written contribution, without giving justification.
- I will make a choice between more reactions to one version of a painting, without the obligation to notify the contributors.


Your virtual brush-strokes can be about the color, a form, a subject, abstraction or figuration or a combination of the two. And also you way of painting is important: wild and dynamic or very serene and transparant, everything is possible. The more detailed you make your suggestion, the more exact I can transmit your ideas to the painting.
Also you can ask for a new start: there can be more then one painting in progress.

This way a painting is made by the visitors of the 'Interactive 'World Painting Project', and performed by my hands (and also seen from my vision...). And when a painting is finished, I'll start with a new white canvas.
In this project I'm the 'interactive painter' and I make artworks with you: 'the world...
Giving your opinion is now possible through email, and when there is enough response, I'll consider making a forum-page for your opinions to share with everybody joining the project.

And afcourse I want to make an exhibition with the paintings, which will be virtual at first, but later on also takes place in a 'real life' exhibition spa... The finished paintings + your suggestions + the older photographed versions + the interactive website will be exhibited somewhere in the future on a central point on the world to be choosen.


I'm very curious for the quality results of this inter-cultural 'World Interactive Painting Project'. Every culture has it's own language of forms derived from their own established cultural values. And what remains when those are joined together with the contributions brought to me by other cultures...?
The world-wide-web offers the opportunity to do this research. And I hope from the bottom of my hart, that you will use this opportunity as well, to make your own personal contribution to the project. I assume that you're just as curious as I am for the results to come from all the contributions from all over the world, brought together in a series of paintings!

Is the outcome of this project a series of quality Art works?
Let this be the main question to be answered on the basis of my project.

Step through the painting, it's the entrance!

The entrance is open...you're welcome!


Copyright © May 17 2000, The Netherlands
Willemijn Bouman - 'World Interactive Painting Project'