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visual artist
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Overview art galleries:
Turkish paintings
Predator cat paintings
Woodblock prints
Applied art

Born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands in 1956.
House and art studio in Otterlo, The Netherlands & Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
Visual Artist; Chamber of Commerce The Netherlands no.09203122.

1975 – 1980 Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague. Bachelor Degree. Specialty: monumental painting and design.

Please send me an email for more information. You're most welcome to visit my studios in The Netherlands and/or Turkey.

Painting and drawing.
Monumental design (digital): color advises, murals and ceramic applications.
Graphic art: woodblock printing.

2019 – Artphy, 3 months Art Manifestation Beek in Beeld 2.0, Westerwolde, Groningen, NL.
2018 – Artphy, Laboratory Beek in Beeld (LABB>B 2.0), Westerwolde, Groningen, NL.
2018 – 'Pand 3' gallery, private collection, Philippine, Zeeland, NL.
2014 – 'Pand 3' gallery, TOPADA project, Philippine, Zeeland, NL – solo.
2014 – Nevsehir Müzesi (Nevsehir Museum) 'SILENT WITNESSES' with Paul Broekman, Nevsehir, Turkey – solo.
2014 – Bülent Ecevit Kültür Merkezi (Bülent Ecevit Cultural center), group exhibition, Antalya, Turkey.
2011 – 'Pand 3' gallery, group exhibition galery artists, Philippine, Zeeland, NL.
2010 – 'Pand 3' gallery, private collection exhibition, Philippine, Zeeland, NL – solo.
2006 – 2012 'FabrikArtGroup', Contemporary Art Festival, Mustafapasa, Turkey.
2007 – Kapadokya Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi (Provincial Culture and Art Center), Nevsehir, Turkey – solo.
2007 – NIHAnkara Exhibition space, Ankara, Turkey – solo.
2007 – Adnan Franko Sanat Galerisi (Art Gallery), Izmir, Turkey – solo.
2005 – 'Transvaal Bibliotheek' (Transvaal The Hague Library) exhibition, lecture and art workshops. The Hague – solo.
2005 – 'Haagse Kunstkring' Crossing Borders – together with Paul Broekman The Hague – solo.
2002 – 'GSA' gallery – via Brug Boutade – Source in Form, Hilversum.
2001 – 'Art et Industriae' – via Brug Boutade – two worlds 1 new thought, The Hague.
2001 – 'Göreme Art Gallery', Göreme, Cappadocia, Turkey – solo.
2001 – 'Haagse Kunstkring' – MultimediaSpace, The Hague.
1999 – Gallery 'Inkt', The Hague – solo.
1998 – Gallery 'Haagse Kunstkring' – theme exhibition, The Hague – solo.
1996 – Main building 'Diemensie', The Hague – solo
1996 – Kleine Formaten (Small sizes) in Kunstrai by publisher 'Living Art', Amsterdam.
1995 – 'Center for visual art', Rotterdam.
1995 – Gallery 'Maas', Rotterdam – solo.
1994 – Gallery 'Binnenland', Amsterdam – solo.
1994 – Beek in beeld open air art manifestation along the river Ruiten A, Groningen.
1993 – Gallery 'Inkt' Op Formaat 2, The Hague.
1992 – 100 Young Dutch Painters under 1 Roof – 'Sonsbeek International Art Center', Arnhem.

2017 – Starting up of art studio in the volcanic area of Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
2013 – The making and release of the follow up ©BCHvideo2013 of all artists that worked in the Babayan Culture House AIR from 2010–2013.
2011 – The making of the Hittite TOPADA frottage in Turkey.
2010–now: Organizer of annual study travels in Turkey for SIOO 'Executive Change Management' master degree: the coordinator and teacher of the photoproject.
2010 – The making and release of ©BCHvideo2010 of all artists that worked in the Babayan Culture House AIR from 2006–2010.
2009 – Virtual Chef and Babayan Culture House: Istanbul – Cappadocia, Turkey. A project collaboration of Julie Upmeyer and Willemijn Bouman. (Included as part of the Portable Art project of the Visual Arts department within the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture activities).
2008 – Coordination of 'MAINSTREAM – awareness by art' a global artists concern for water, Turkey.
2008 – Organization of Netherlands Paviljon in 3d Contemporary Arts Festival 'FabrikartGrup', Mustafapasa, Turkey.
2007 – Start of the Art/Eco Platform Cappadocia in the volcanic area of Cappadocia, Central Turkey: A Lunar Landscape ©KozaVisual/NIHA.
2007–now – Project co–ordinator of the annual Contemporary 'FabrikartGrup' Art Festival in Mustafapasa, Cappadocia, Turkey.
2005 – Founding of the Babayan Culture House Foundation art–residency in Turkey.
2005 – Coordination childrens art project Who lived in this house i.s.m. 'Huis van Gedichten' & 'BarioK TransArt', The Hague NL.
1997 – 2005 Annual painting period of 3 months in the volcanic environment of Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
2000 – 'World–Interactive Painting Project', online web–art painting project maintained through this website.
1999 – Painting period of 3 months in the volcanic environment of Göreme, Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
1998 – Painting– music– and theatre manifestation with dancer Tatiana Radier: Poems of Slauerhof.
1997 – Start of my housing and studio projects in Ibrahimpasa, Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
1997 – Painting period of 3 months in the volcanic environment of Göreme, Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
1991 – Painting period of 6 months in the volcanic environment of Göreme, Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
1990 – Art and Direct project of the 'LAK' gallery and gallery 'The Grote Beer', Leiden. Installation Appearing.
1989 – Tour d'Art, via the 'Artoteek The Hague'.
1989 – Art and Direct project of the 'LAK' gallery and gallery 'The Grote Beer'. Installation The splashing volcano.
1989 – Art contribution to the computer–animation Selection of choices of Walboom, Zult and Bouman.

Assignments / commissions:
2008 – Designs, 'KYBELE design & handicraft project', Turkey.
2006 – Murals, car park building 'Binnenhoek', Tiel.
2005 – Mural in entrance hall of main building, 'Jenaplan'school, Den Haag (The Hague).
2004/2005 – Mural designs, bicycle parking 'De Overdekte', Alkmaar.
2003 – Murals, car park building 'Centrum', Etten Leur.
2003 – Murals, car park building 'Karperton', Alkmaar.
2002 – Murals, car park building 'Noordenbergpoort', Deventer.
2001 – Murals design, car park building 'GrootHandelsGebouw & Engels', Rotterdam.
2000 – Two murals and color design for the exterior of two apartment buildings 'Huize Meerwijk', Haarlem.
1999 – color design exterior shopping mall and apartment building 'de Maasstraat', Apeldoorn.
1999 – Murals, car park building 'de Visstraat', 's Hertogenbosch.
1998 – Color design car park building 'Emmapassage', Tilburg.
1998 – Color design exterior of the shopping mall 'de Maten', Apeldoorn.
1998 – Murals, car park building 'de Eglantier', Apeldoorn.
1997 – Murals, 'Koningsplein' car park building, Tilburg.
1996 – Mural in entrance hall of main building 'NS Railinfrabeheer Oost', Zutphen.
1996 – Ceramic applications and murals, 'W.T.C. – V&D' Parking, Rotterdam.
1996 – Painting on anniversary cassette, publisher 'Living Art', Amsterdam.
1995 – Murals, shopping mall and business center 'Vienna', Vienna, Austria.
1995 – Murals and ceramic applications, car park building 'Markt', Apeldoorn.

Workshops, lectures, side activities:
2010–now – Teachings photoproject Sioo, Executive Change Management, Master Degree level on location in Turkey.
2007 – Workshops art at Hayal, Kalkan, Turkey.
2006–now – Master courses 'study of the primarily form' painting and drawing, Cappadocia, Turkey.
2000–06 – Master courses painting oil and acrylic, 'Kreatief Centrum' (Creative Center), Hoek van Holland.
1995–now – Workshops and master classes 'study of the primarily form' – painting and drawing in the studio and on invitation on other locations.
2005 – Serie of workshops for the poetry and art project A day remembereds with the The Hague Library, The Hague.
2001–now – Start of creative teambuilding and other business related training activities in my art studios.
1994–96 – Teacher of PRO, professional exchange workshop about the integration of art and architecture.
1995 – Primaire vormstudie, 9 weeks Masterclass at the 'Institute for Architecture–Art Development'.(SB–KO)
1995 – Workshop 1,1 Million Vinex–housing location, 24 weeks Masterclass at the 'SB–KO'.
1994–96 – Board member and teacher at the 'Instituut Voor Bouw–Kunst Ontwikkeling' ('Institute for Architecture–Art Development'), Maassluis.
1991 – Series of lectures and demonstrations about The Rolling Woodprint in Art Center 'Gouda Region'.

Television, documentary and publication:
2010 – Mijn land is jouw land ('My land is your land' Dutch short version) Film project in Turkey: documentary about Willemijn Bouman by Mart Walda and Arjan Erkel.
2008 – Netherlands Paviljon – Short movie about the Netherlands Paviljon in the 3d Contemporary Arts Fesival 'FabrikartGrup', Mustafapasa, Turkey by Paul Wiegerinck.
2007 – NIHA/KozaVisual Film project in Turkey: Interview with Paul Broekman & Willemijn Bouman by Zeynep Isil Isik, Kamil Mingu.
2002 – AKKU – Modern Art: Contemporary Artists in The Netherlands, published by Foundation 'Studiecentrum voor Beeldende Kunst' (study center for Visual Art), Tilburg, 2002, 2 parts.
2000 – Lexicon Beeldend Benelux 1600–2000 (Lexicon Benelux Visual 1600–2000), published by Foundation 'Studiecentrum voor Beeldende Kunst' (study center for Visual Art), Tilburg, 2000, 6 parts.
1996 – Anno Joosten Interview about Bouman's art in parking places in the television program of Astrid Joosten, 'VARA' television.
1995 – 'The Art of Parking' – Documentary produced by 'Stad & Kunst' (City and Art) about Willemijn Bouman's art in parking places.
1995 – Parkeergarages bekennen kleur (Parking places in color) Dutch editorial article in 'De Kampioen' about Willemijn Bouman's art in parking places.
1991–94 – 100 young Dutch painters, emerging artists: four annual guides. Publisher 'Living Art', Amsterdam.
1993 – Lexicon Beeldend Nederland 1880–1992 (Lexicon Visual Netherlands 1880–1992), published by Drs. P.M.J.E. Jacobs BV, Tilburg, 1993, 2 parts.
1993–now: Articles in several Dutch and Turkish newspapers, art catalogues: governmental, private art organizers and art galeries.

2006–now – Artistic director of Babayan Culture House Artist–In–Residency in Otterlo, The Netherlands.
2017 – End of the Babayan Culture House Artist–In–Residency programs in the volcanic environment of Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
2006 – Start Babayan Culture House Artist–In–Residency in the volcanic environment of Cappadocia, Central Turkey.
2005 – Foundation of the Babayan Culture House for international intercultural exchange of artists.

2000 – Membership on invitation Haagse Kunstkring, The Hague NL.
1995 – Member of 'Beroepsvereniging van Beeldend Kunstenaars' (Association of Professional Visual Artists) 'BBK'.
1990 – Declared professional by 'Stroom hcbk', The Hague, untill 2006.
1982 – 1987 'Beeldende Kunstenaars Regeling' (Visual Artists Adjustment).

Agencies and intermediation (past and current):
– 'NIHAnkara, intermediation, exhibition and art project cooperation.
– 'Pand 3, modern art gallery with work in stock of Willemijn Bouman.
– 'ArtOlive, platform for Visual Art.
– 'Foundation Brug Boutade', platform for applied art.
– 'Artcircle', advice and mediation, Amsterdam.
– 'Stad & Kunst bv', The Hague, management for functional design.
– Foundation 'Kaktus' art & culture, The Hague.
– Foundation 'Maecenas', The Hague.
– Art book publisher 'Living Art', Amsterdam.

Public visual documentation and information:
– Cultural Exchange Turkey – Netherlands within SICA.
ARTIndex – Online Lexicon Visual BeNeLux.
BKdoc Gelderland: Willemijn Bouman.
'Stroom hcbk', The Hague untill 2006.
Wikipedia Netherlands.
'The Netherlands Foundation for Fine Arts, Design and Architecture', Amsterdam.
'The Netherlands Institute for Art History'Willemijn Bouman, The Hague.

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