Willemijn Bouman
visual artist
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In general:
My design studio does yearly several assignments of applied art and monumental design. These assignments are mostly color advises in combination with murals of large size (up to 1000 m2), for the interior and exterior of architectural buildings. All murals on the highlight locations of buildings are painted by me personnaly and can have the character – specially designed for the best locations – of an autonomous art–piece.
Beside this, I design systems for routings and functional applied art for large buildings, in order to create a user–friendly environment with good atmosphere at large scale. For the same application I also design ceramic tile decoration.

Technical information:
The assignments content the total of design for a routing, character types and typography and image symbols that are part of the system, together with more freely painted murals. The basic design can be inspired on local history of a location or the function of the building and/or environment related to: a musical theatre, shopping mall, cinema or appartment buildings, ect.
My working duties in assignment are: to design by computer and to present; and to supervise and work out color advices combined with functional visual art on any location.
My technical knowledge gives me the capability to judge about the technical state of the surface to applicate the paint or ceramics on. Also I maintain contact during the project period with those who are professionally involved. I'm intermediate between customer and project managements, to process the essential facts and information about content and technical aspects of the art project. At the sphere of work I co–ordinate all works in progress done by others then myself: assistant painters, and professional working specialists needed for the job.
I have completed major art projects in the cities of Rotterdam, Zutphen, Tilburg, Den Haag, 's Hertogenbosch and Apeldoorn in The Netherlands and Vienna, Austria.

For a complete list you can look into my resume.

About the images:
In my applied art gallery I show images of completed works in parking houses: large utility buildings, that pre–eminently profit of good color design and applied art in relation to the functionality of a building. I see this part of my work as a distinct example of applied art in general but above all as my personally developed skill developed over many years of practicing.
Also you can see examples of applied art in buildings with a more autonomous character and therefore related to my free art.

If you are interested in receiving more (visual) information about my design studio, or if you want an advice about a particular environmentally related situation, please contact me.  
More specified information can be found at my list of prices.
To my image gallery of designs and applied art.

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