Willemijn Bouman
visual artist
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My painting style is lyric abstract with figurative elements, and I use intense colors and dynamic forms.

I see my paintings as virtual spaces behind the flatten surface of the canvas.
With the edges of the painting as a cadre, we can look into my world. After a painting experience of more then 40 years, this world is filled with many different kinds of very personal images, which I use for expressing myself in art. I frequently use the volcano shape as an image of strength, in my personal language of symbols. Besides that I use landscape and nature, rock shapes and horizons...

The world is an illusion of abstract images, in which mankind made agreements about the ways of communication. My field of exploration is on the edges of this recognizable world...

Creating new images is my strongest motive and what I ultimately leave behind is an image of myself...


My acrylic paintings usually are large in size. For me it's important that the size of the painting relates to my bodysize, so I can paint with all of my physical energy.
I painted two six-panels with the size of 6 - 2 meter. These art works are the imagination of the experiences, obtained during my annual journey to amazing landscape of Cappadocia in Central Turkey. View the influence in the painting Erciyes.

Besides all this, I combine several techniques, like painting, charcoal drawing and woodblock printing. View the paintings Meadowriver, Volcanoriver, Seariver and Cityriver.

Read more about the TOPADA rock frottage project in my documentation stored at BK Gelderland. Fotoalbum

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