Willemijn Bouman
visual artist
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Here you find useful links to my colleague visual artists and interesting art institutions.


Art institutions:

Others worth visiting:

  • Sultancarpet – The carpet shop of my good friend Mehmet in Göreme, Turkey: lots of information about nice carpets.
  • IAS & Manjushri Mandala – A colorful and huge site on New Age Spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan & Fractal Art, Astrology, Data Research, 60's, Inspiration and more, all to be discovered in a very friendly way.
  • UNESCO – This organisation placed the region of Cappadocia in Central Turkey, (where I have my studio and house) on their famous 'World Heritage List'.
  • General links - A page within my site filled with quality art-webrings, personal galleries and art-boxes that name my website.


Some sketches for my 'Boat Bridge':

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