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Babayan Culture House:
The Netherlands Babayan Culture House was founded in 2005 to promote greater understanding and cooperation among different peoples and nations through culture and art projects. In the Babayan Culture House art–residency, the cave apartments and studios offer a special opportunity for art–making over a longer period. Here, the Foundation Babayan Culture House has created opportunities for inter–cultural dialogue between artists of all nationalities and all disciplines. Artists wishing to work on project–based plans and concepts and are open to improvise in a rural area are encouraged to apply.
The Babayan Culture House offers many possibilities for art–making including, painting, drawing, photography, video, sound, new media, sculpture, installation, and performance. One can carve in the local tuff and hard stones, and practice local techniques as pottery making and ceramics, and weaving in nomad style. The making of environmental and landscape art; and 'in situ' / site–specific art installations is particularly stimulated and supported. One can work in caves of 1500 years old or in the tufa stone shaped valleys.
The Babayan Culture House also invites writers, musicians and theatre makers to join; a digital piano Technics sx–px332, a set Latin–American conga's, amplifiers and a small performing stage are available.
Professional artists of all disciplines can make use of the residency and studio facilities of the Babayan Culture House after being invited for a four–weeks AiR stay or longer.
The Babayan Culture House is closed in Turkey. We will continue in the Netherlands and inform through this website, email and intermediating organisations.

The Babayan Culture House AiR facilitates in the historical village of Ibrahimpasa (the former Greek name is Babayan) in Cappadocia, Central Anatolia in Turkey.
Cappadocia is a surrealistic landscape with tufa stone valleys, shaped centuries ago by the 'Erciyes' and other volcanoes. A part of this 40.000 square km area is a national park and an open–air museum with many rock churches and monasteries, restored by UNESCO, because it is an official world heritage area.
On the general information page of the Babayan Culture House you can read everything about this bizarre landscape of Cappadocia and the activities.

The Babayan Culture House Foundation is a cultural non–profit organization founded in 2005 and registered in The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce: no. 27280209.

Sultan Art Gallery, Göreme

Artistic Mission:
The Babayan Culture House AiR is Cappadocia's first and only independent contemporary art residency, organized for artists by artists.
Its mission is to build bridges of understanding between East and West by nourishing art and providing space for artistic experimentation; encouraging cross–cultural dialogue, and collaborating with regional and international arts networks. The Babayan Culture House AiR is a micro–residency type and presents a diverse range of artistic projects, programmes and events.

Residency Program Objectives:
– To provide artists with unrestricted time and space to research, develop and produce ongoing or new body of works/projects.
– To introduce visiting artists to Cappadocian peoples, cultures and landscapes.
– To provide the Cappadocian/Turkish community with exposure and access to a diverse range of contemporary international arts practices and theories.
– To provide outreach activities such as talks, workshops and exhibitions, intended to promote interaction, awareness and professional development within the community.

Festivals & Exhibition possibilities:
An exhibition – with the work made in Cappadocia – can also be arranged in an exhibition space in Cappadocia, Nevsehir or Ankara during the residency period and after the finished work is reviewed by the residency. The Babayan Culture House has an intermediating task in the exhibition, and all the organization and costs are for by the artist. We advise the artist to stay for at least two months if an exhibition of month duration is requested by the artist.
Have a look at Cappadocia Cultural Center in Göreme. They offer a two or three days exhibition with a nice opening event in a well visited space.
All artists can organize an open studio at the end of their residency to share the results of their working period with other artists and invited guests.

The FabrikArtGroup organizes sometimes the International Contemporary FabrikArtGrup Arts Festival (FCAF) in Mustafapasa. If the festival takes place will be announced on the website.
FCAF last years:
In FCAF12, the 7th festival in 2012, the artists represented by the Babayan Culture House were: Pam Thompson, Wendy Osher, Ted Efremoff and Emmie van Biervliet (artists websites below). Have a look at the FCAF12 photo album.
The FCAF11 had the theme: 'Allegory of the Earth' (Tu: Topragýn 'Aidiyet Alegorisi'). The artists represented by the Babayan Culture House are: Dorion Barill en Christina Svenningsen (see artists list).
The FCAF10 took place in August with the theme: 'LOVE in SHAPE' (Tu: 'Biçimde Aþk'). The artists represented by the Babayan Culture House are: Fýrat Erdim, USA/Turkey with stone sculptures; Angie Rizzo, USA and Margaret Karczmarzyk, Poland, both with an installation.
In FCAF9, the Babayan Culture House represented the video works of residency artist Leonie Muller in the festival.
In FCAF8, the Babayan Culture House realized the Netherlands Pavilion within the festival in cooperation with IOTK–artists group from The Hague, The Netherlands, the Cappadocia Higher Vocational School KMYO in Mustafapasa and the FabrikArtGroup.
All the artists mentioned above can be found on the residency artists list below.
Video's of the '3d International FabrikArtGrup Contemporary Arts Festival', Mustafapasa 2008:
'Water as a Life Line' video installation for the Netherlands Pavilion.
Interview with the Dutch artists within the Netherlands Pavilion.

In the Cappadocia Center for Culture and Art / Kapadokya Kültür ve Sanat Merkezi in the provincial capital town of Nevsehir one can organize an exhibition, group or solo. In that case we advize to stay two months in residency.

On the right you see the official opening ceremony of the exhibition of residency artist Leo van Velzen in August 2007 in the Kapadokya Center for Culture and Art, performed by both the Mayor (Belediye Baþkaný) Hasan Ünver of the capital Nevsehir and the Governor (Vali) M. Asým Hacýmustafaoðlu of the province of Nevsehir.

The Babayan Culture House Foundation initiates and organizes art projects and stimulates inter–cultural exchange between artists of all nationalities.
There fore, an environment of concentration and inspiration is created to enable art to be made. Artists can withdraw to their private studio apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom, but also choose to join the communal meals, art workshops and meetings. An artist needs to be able to work independently.

The Babayan Culture House is managed by professional artists with a more then 20–year working experience in Turkey and stimulates a colleague atmosphere. An attitude of independency in project development is expected, besides an open mind towards the inter–cultural aspects of the stay. The Babayan Culture House provides any support to create this independency and the co–operation of the artists with local inhabitants and handicraftsmen to share practical wisdom.
The Babayan Culture House acknowledges that some of the most creative strategies live in the intersections of disciplines, cultures and generations.

Target groups:
The target groups for the residencies are International and local artists interested in fine art, contemporary art, environmental art, exploratory site–specific art, public art and community based arts. An artist should have an adventurous attitude and be open to research within new approaches, experiences and meetings.

Disciplines & Media:
– all Visual Arts
– Music
– Installation / Performance / Theater / Dance
– New Media
– Educational & awareness projects / programs
– Writing / Screenplay

Selection of artists:
The presented projects are evaluated on a non–competitive basis through an internal methodology that weights several variables such as dimension and relevance of past work, the project's adequacy to the place and potential for experience and know–how interchange with other artists.
The quality of the art works has priority, but there is room for research and experimental projects.
Residents are invited by a jury composed of practicing artists and arts professionals.

Funding & Sponsorship:
Babayan Culture House discounts all facets of the residency, from food to accommodation and studio facilities. The organization offers many things for free (assistance/intermediation, internet, heating, stage use, working tools like grinder and elektric cables) and provides access to cultural events and the community at large.
The Babayan Culture House Foundation is a non-funding organization, but will provide any essential information that is needed to make a strong application for a personal working grant or sponsorship by funding organizations. Some fund/grant info, but please keep on searching yourself:
Kickstarter: USA projects crowdfunder; have individuals donate to your project.
Indiegogo: Global projects crowdfunder; have individuals donate to your project.
The Prince Claus Fund: Ticket Fund for cross-cultural exchange of artists and cultural practitioners. a list of funding opportunities.
Arts & Healing Network: another list of funding opportunities.
LabforCulture: a broader list of funding opportunities and information papers.
EuroCult: the European Cultural Foundation initiates and supports projects, and this is their travel grant for artists.
Anna Lindh Foundation: dialogue between cultures.
UNESCO–Aschberg Bursaries: promotion of creativity and cultural diversity of young artists.
Moon and Stars Project: for funding American–Turkey projects.
CecArtsLink: engaging communities through international arts partnerships.
On The Move: Funding opportunities for cultural mobility.
The Turkish Cultural Foundation Cultural Exchange Fellowship: is awarded twice a year competitively to Turkish and non–Turkish artists.

The Babayan Culture House advizes you to contact your state arts council and find out about their grant programs for projects like yours, and ask their advice on where else you might go to find funding. So, where you live you might also have a local or regional arts council. Contact them.
We encourage the applicants to apply for a grant or scholarship. But the Babayan Culture House advizes you to prepare yourself for a residency application by having your funding procedures clear (and finished) before applying.
The Babayan Culture House will provide you on your request with a personal invitiation letter based on the proposed art project. In the future the Babayan Culture House Foundation aims to invite artists to work on location on granted projects with a theme (see also Art/Eco Platform). The start of these projects will be announced on this website en by personal email.

Artists collaboration:
If applying as a collaborative team (or partners), the artists should submit separate applications along with a joint project proposal. Work samples may be individual or examples of previous collaboration.

Babayan Culture House can accept guests, including partners, family or friends, to accompany the artists in residence. These guests stay under different conditions than artists. Children under 15 are not accepted.

The Babayan Culture House serves meals on request (fee asked), for when an artist doesn't want to cook him/herself. The meals are choices from the world kitchen, and one can ask for vegetarian and diet food.

Smoking and Pets:
Smoking is not permitted in the closed residency spaces.
No pets are allowed at the residency. Artists with pets must make arrangements for the care of their pets before being accepted into the residency.

Medical needs and insurance:
Applicants must be aware that medical facilities are on a distance of 10 km (Nevþehir, First Aid, Medical Doctor, 24 hrs service), 50 km (Kayseri, University hospital), 350 km (Ankara, International/University hospital) of the Babayan Culture House. The artist needs to have an adequate international medical insurance with full Turkey coverage and a travel insurance for Turkey to be shown at the start of the residency stay.

Calling and internet in residency:
Artists are in residency for a working project. This means one needs sometimes to email or call with local and international art contacts. So, we strongly advise artists to bring a laptop and install SKYPE and buy an account in advance for free or low cost calls. The Babayan Culture House provides a free wireless internet connection in all residency spaces. You will be independant in contacting others.

Climate consequences:
The land climate of the Anatolian Heights gives cold winters and hot dry summers.

Artists are responsible for inquiring about, and the obtaining of, their tourist visa and it's lenght for a stay of (more then) 28 days (the minimum residency stay). You can or must obtain your visa online in advance.
The Babayan Culture House will not assist the obtaining of visa for a tourist stay longer then maximum allowed by Turkey. Because visa other then tourist visa, like working permits are hard and/or uncertain to obtain and to be processed by the artist long before the residency stay, we advize to obtain a tourist visa at the entrance point or in advance online. Turkish Visa Fees at Border Gates and further Foreigners Visa information.

A list of all residency artists can be found below.

Stefan Chinov working on his 'door' project
Rosa Lopez Callul paints 'uncle' Durmus in his house

Karl Chinov (left) – Bulgaria/USA, 'antique door project', Rosa Lopez Callul (right) – Spain, painting 'uncle' Durmus in his house.

Karl Ciesluk land-art 2008
Karl Ciesluk land-art 2008

Karl Ciesluk – Canada, Land art project development.

Leonie Muller - 'Blauwe Kamer' video still
Leonie Muller - 'Blauw Kamer' the making-off

Leonie Muller – The Netherlands, 'Blauwe Kamer' (Blue Room) video made in residency for the 4th Contemporary Arts Festival Mustafapasa 2009,
representation by the Babayan Culture House (go to videos).

Working spaces:
Artists who stay a month (four weeks) or longer do this on an Artist–in–Residence basis. There are three studio apartments which are made especially available for this purpose. Applicants should please note, that the working spaces only have basic facilities and are not to be considered comfortable studies in wintertime. For more studio space, low extra fees are charged.
If two accepted residency artists stay in the same apartment the second artist pays half price. Also they will have to use the same studio space.
These artists make their own schedule and projects, but give notice of their plans to the Babayan Culture House Foundation, so special requirements can be made to the studio if necessary.
One can also work in the adventurous environment of the abandoned historical arch and cave houses of Ibrahimpasa. The Babayan Culture House arranges this in cooperation with the owners on request of the artist. Small fees for those extra studio spaces are directly payed to the owners.
The village and surroundings are your working space.
Artists who use the village studio spaces have to be aware of the fact that the studios are in old caves and arched rooms with small windows and therefore depend on artificial light. Take here a look at some working spaces, and here you find photo albums of the artists working in the Babayan Culture House.
Read what artists write about their residency experience: North Texas Artists in Turkey: A Visit to Babayan Artist Residency, funded Macedonian artists Margarita Kiselichka and Simon Kalajdziev Cappadocia – Land of Wonder, Land of Dreams..., Blog of Australian Tracey and Marty Geokult, ResArtis November 2012 Newsletter.

Intermediation & Collaboration:
The Babayan Culture House works with professional Artist–in–Residency intermediating organizations and both worldwide networks:
TransArtists Foundation,
Res Artis.
This residency collaborates with:
NIHA–Ankara Netherlands Institute for Higher Education in Ankara (closed in 2015),
Sioo Organisation studies & Organisational practice & Change processes in The Netherlands,
KozaVisual Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association Turkey,
FabrikArtGroup An independant Turkish artists group,
Caravansarai An independent, travelling and virtual meeting point for creators in Istanbul, Turkey.

Hanging works in The Eleni Church for the Art Festival Mustafapasa

Ecological & environmental awareness projects:
You can inform youself about the local 'Awareness by Art' projects of the Art/Eco Platform, Cappadocia, an artist cooperation based on ecological and artistic themes such as: WATER! = BRIGHT?
If sponsorship or funding is raised all invited artists participating within the Art/Eco Platform will be informed.
If you want to apply, please send an email for the projects 2016. This environmental Art/Eco Platform of Cappadocia will be continued the following years with different themes and activities, all developed within 'Awareness by Art' for Cappadocia. The Babayan Culture House is seeking actively for cooperation with art organizations (governmental and NGO). Also the Babayan Culture House works closely, and shares information with art residencies in similar circumstances.
Look at a good example of an land art project collaboration between the local community of Cappadocia and Australian artist Andrew Rogers – Time and Space. (Babayan Culture House was not involved in this project).

News and publications of the Babayan Culture House Foundation:
Newsletter 1 – August 2007,
Newsletter 2 – December 2007,
Newsletter 3 – December 2008,
Newsletter 4 – October 2009.
From 2009 onwards we update regularly through the public Babayan Culture House AiR facebook page. If you interested to become a members–only of the Babayan Culture House AiR facebook group, please send us a request through that page.

Video 1 All artists 2007–2010
Video 2 All artists (continuing) 2010–2013

Babayan Culture House – First artists–in–residency video impression of most artists that worked
in the art residency from 2006 – 2010. ©BCHvideo2010.

Babayan Culture House – Second artists–in–residency video impression of most artists that worked
in the art residency from 2010 (continued) – 2012. ©BCHvideo2013.

All artists in Residence:


Micheal Perrone (with Mariah Dekkenga ) USA/Qatar – 1 month, painting/photography/filmmaking/sculpture.
Mariah Dekkenga (with Micheal Perrone) USA/Qatar – 1 month, painting/drawing/writing.
Caroline Hawkins Australia – 1 month, design/illustration/photography.
Ute Eisinger Austria – 1 month, poetry/art critics.
Corina del Carmel Mexico – 1 month, painting/drawing.
Gabrielle Reeves USA/Turkey – 3 weeks, painting/drawing/exhibition.
Annika Katharina Thiems Fr/Ge – 1 1/2 month, painting/drawing/installation.
Lillian Kiser Taylor USA/Czech Republic – 1 month, painting/drawing/printing/mixed media.
Chris Vivas USA – 1 month, ceramic/sculpture.


Cori Beardsley USA – 1 month, sculpture/installation/ceramics.
Doug Russell USA – 1 week research, drawing.
Lana Sundberg USA – 1 month, clay/mixed media.
Frances Valesco USA – 1 month, painting/printmaking.
Gabrielle Reeves USA/Turkey – 1 month, painting/drawing/exhibition.
Duncan Gidney Canada/the Netherlands – 1 month, film/photography. Cappadocia Blog.
Eve Cohen USA – 1 month, sculpture/costume/collage.
Saskia Doherty Australia – 2 weeks research, several visual media/ceramics/video & sound.
Alix Anne Shaw USA – 1 month, sculpture/poetry.
Gracia Tobingvideo's (with Tesla Manaf) Indonesia – 1 month, narrative film/visual poem & music video.
Tesla Manaf (with Gracia Tobing) Indonesia – 1 month, composing/music.
Stephen Vincent USA – 2 weeks research, poetry/drawing/essayist.
Anne Murray USA / Irish – 1 month, video poetry/photography.


Tsai Ming Chu Bloodworth Taiwan – 1 month, pottery/ceramics.
Missy Hammond Dunaway USA – 1½ month, painting. BLOG.
Jonny Briggs United Kingdom – 1 month, photography/weaving.
Jessica Panicola USA – 1 month, ceramics/sculpture/mixed media.
Peju Alatise Nigeria – 1 month, mixed media/painting/sculpting.
Nicole Murmann Switzerland – 1 month, installation/drawings/soundscapes.
Heather Freedman USA – 2 weeks research, visual art/illustration/design.
Liz Tran USA – 1 month, painting/sculpture/installation.
Carmi Weingrod USA – 1 month, printmaking/drawing/installation.
Gabrielle Reeves USA – 2 weeks research, painting/drawing.
Teresa Wilson (with Ammar Faiz) UK – 2 weeks research, sculpture/installation.
Ammar Faiz (with Teresa Wilson) Pakistan – research 2 weeks, video/sculpture/motion sensors/2d collages.


All artists in residency 2013 photo album.
Gabrielle Reeves USA – 1½ month, painting/drawing. BLOG and project album.
Olivia Valentine USA – 2½ months, sculpture/installation/textiles. Project album.
Stephen Vincent USA – 1 month (follow up residency), poetry/drawing/essay.
Louise Martin Scotland – 1½ month, objects/drawing/weaving.
Keli Arslancan USA – 1 month, painting/drawing/video. BLOG.
Bishara Mohamed Canada – 1 month, interdisciplinary.
Karin Gunnarsson Sweden/UK – 1 month, photography/film.
Summer Moore USA – 1 month, photography/textiles.
Ya-hsin, Hsiao Taiwan – 1 month, painting/drawing.
Krijnie Beyen Netherlands – 2 week research for a follow–up residency, multimedia/photography/installation.
Lori Margaret USA – 1 month, writing/drawing/screenplay–story editing. Kickstarter project.
Soili Arha Finland – 2 months, metal objects/textiles.
Amanda Mitchell Australia – 1 month painting/drawing.


All artists in residency 2012 photo album.
Stephen Vincent USA – 1 month, poetry/drawing/essayist.
Wendy Osher USA – 1 month, visual art/installation. Project BLOG.
Pamela Thompson USA – 1 month, mixed media/light weight sculpture/installation/drawing. Artist portfolio.
Ted Efremoff USA – 1 month, new media. AiR project: Pigeon House Memorial.
Emmie van Biervliet United Kingdom – 1 month, mixed media/visual art.
Rachel Wolfson USA – 1 month, painting/drawing. Project BLOG.
Kate Temple USA – 1 month, installation/painting/drawing. Residency projects (PDF): Seni/Beni Me/You Flower Carpet.
Maria Katzman USA – 1 month, painting.
Larissa Figueiredo Mendes Brazil – 1 month, cinema/new medias/creative writing/photography.
Hanae Utamura Japan/United Kingdom – 1 month, installation/video.
Janet Morgan USA – 2 weeks, painting.
Nick Mann USA – 1 month, 'Community Based Arts'/painting/muralism/installation, more pictures.
Sachiyo Honda Belgium/Japan – 1 month, video/performance, video: 'blackhole whitehole'.
Olivia Valentine USA – sculpture/installation/textiles, several short research visits for an extended residency 2013.
Shae Bishop USA – 1 month, ceramics/fiber. Kickstarter project.


Barbara Campisi USA – 1 month, painting/installation/sculpting.
Katie Murken USA – 1 month, book arts/printmaking/installation.
Tracey Meziane Benson and Martin Drury, Australia – 1 month, visual art/digi–mapping: Project photo's, Geokult collaborative BLOG.
Rebecca Clay Haynes USA – 1 month, writing/literature.
Dorion Barill (with Christina Svenningsen) USA – 2 months, visual arts/new media. BLOG.
Christina Svenningsen (with Dorion Barill) USA – 2 months, visual arts/new media.
Augustus Veinoglou Greece/Scotland – 1 month, sculpture/drawing.
Angela Willcocks Australia/USA – 1 month, new media/installation/drawing/painting.
Mary–Ellen Campbell USA – 1 month, book arts/painting/photography. "Journeys: 30 Years of Art-making" – A Retrospective.
Aili Schmeltz USA – 1 month, sculpture/installation/drawing/video. Aili's BLOG and Kickstarter.
Michele Beck USA – 1 month, multidisciplinary/performance. BLOG.
Karen McCoy (with Robert Carl) USA – 10 day research program for residency, sculpture/drawing.
Robert Carl (with Karen McCoy) USA – 10 day research program for residency, music/sound art.

Viivi Nieminen Finland – 1 month, photography.
Pamela Sparks USA – 1 month, photography.


Pat Alexander USA – 1 month, painting/installation.
Christine Harrison Australia – 1 month, drawing/painting/printing/installation Residency photo album.
Firat Erdim USA/Turkey – 1 month, textile/sculpting/architecture.
Hsu Chiung Wen Taiwan – 1 month, ceramic objects Residency photo album.
Athanasios Baxopoulos Greece – 1 month, photography.
Sherry Millner (with Ernest Larsen) USA – 1 month, video.
Ernest Larsen (with Sherry Millner) USA – 1 month, video.
Carla Ori Australia – 1 month, music/images.
Angie Rizzo USA – 1 month, sculpting/textiles/installation.
Frances Valesco USA – 1 month, works on paper/mixed media. Residency photo album.
Mary Judge USA – 1 month, painting/drawing/objects. Studio Visit: Mary Judge. Residency photo album.
Mara Held USA – 1 month, painting/drawing/objects Stained glass: 'El in 16 Notes'. Residency photo album.
Louise Thomas United Kingdom – 1 month, sculpting/ceramics. About her ceramic chess play (image): 'The Hittites play against the Ottoman empire'.
Margaret Karczmarzyk Poland – 1 month, painting/installation/performance.
Georgia Gray USA – 1 month, painting/objects/sculpting.

Camille Roos USA – 1 month, painting.


Amy Guion Clay USA – 1 month, painting. BLOG about the project.
Monika Kimrey USA – 1 month, painting/drawing, objects/tapestries.
Leonie Muller NL – 1 month, performance/installation. Video's made in residency.
Josie Martin New Zealand – 2 months, painting.
Hanneke van Velzen NL – 1 month, photography.
Frédérick Belzile Canada – one month, video/installation.
Elizabeth Gulick USA – 1 month, textile/felt.
Marina Carvalho Portugal – 2 months, wooden objects. Catalogue (PDF 1.40Mb) and video of the sculpture made in residency 'Water Tree'. The making off: slideshow.
Farkaskõ Cave Art Association Hungary – 1 week workshop/meetings, cave installations slideshow 'Light'.
Juha Saitajoki (PDF Finnish, images: p39 and p65), Finland/Lapland – 1 month, painting/drawing. Article about the artist: Reflections and Connections (PDF p31).
Lisa MacLean Canada – 1 month, photography/mixed media/installation. Residency art work catalogue (PDF 3.19Mb) Memento Mori Memento Mori photo series.


Ingrid Buuck USA – 2 weeks, painting/graphic design.
Susan Arthur, USA – 1 month, photo–based media.

Silvie Krens, Netherlands – 1 month, painting.
Alia Toor Canada – 1 month, installation/photography.
Dutch Art Institute NL – 2 weeks, 5 master students, research/art project/waterproject.
Paul Wiegerinck IOTK–group NL – 3 weeks, video/water project.
Susan de Kruiff IOTK–group NL – 3 weeks, video/water project.
Tiny Schilder IOTK–group NL – 3 weeks, photography/water project.
Clemens Zalm IOTK–group NL – 3 weeks, photo-based media/water project.
Rineke Kop IOTK–group NL – 3 weeks, painting/water project.
Margriet Westervaarder IOTK–group NL – 3 weeks, painting/photography.
Stefan Chinov USA/Bulgaria – 1 month, in situ objects.
Rosa Lopez Calull Spain – 1 month, painting.
Josie Martin New Zealand – 2 months, painting/sculpting.
Margarita Kiselicka, Macedonia – 1 month, water project/sculpting.
Simon Kalajdziev, Macedonia – 1 month, installation/sculpting.
Tina Eskilsson Sweden – 2 weeks, water project/installations.
Susan Mains Grenada/Caribbean – 1 month, painting.
Anna van Stuivenberg, NL – 1 week preparatory research, visual art.
Renate Sennewald, DE – 1 week preparatory research, jewelery.
Karl Ciesluk, Canada – 1 month, in situ objects.


Maaike Roozenburg NL – 2 months, design/objects.
Felice NL – 1 month, painting/theatre.
Josian Stikkelbroek (pdf) NL – 2 weeks, painting/sculpting.
Leo van Velzen NL – 3 months, painting.

series of pottery made in Turkey by Maaike Roozenburg
oil painting of Willy Smits
24-part painting, Turkey project 'Land(e)scapes', Leo van Velzen
Josie Martin 'after two months of hard labour'

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