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(Naar Nederlandse workshoppagina)

STUDYING THE PRIMARY FORM – drawing and painting (now in Turkey)

'Put the blue of the sea against the blue of the heavens, wipe some white of a sail in it and the wind starts to blow.' Willem Hussem.

This painter and poet from The Hague, lived and worked from 1936 untill 1974, in a former bathing house in the Mijtensstraat, The Hague. For twelve years untill 2006 I painted in this beautiful artstudio and gave the workshops 'studying the primairy form' as many have experienced and enjoyed. But now I continue giving my workshops in a cave guesthouse and art studio in Cappadocia, Turkey...
Don't hesitate: pick up al the information on this website and join me there for professional art making and a memorable holiday in a volcanic landscape!

On the following information pages you can read everything about the workshops 'studying the primairy form' – painting and drawing:

!! Look at the end of this page, for the latest workshop news !!

About THE PRIMARY FORM: drawing and painting

Since May 2006 I give my workshops about the primary form in my studio and guesthouse in Ibrahimpasa, Cappadocia in Turkey.
Giving attention to participants and quality lessons is important, therefore I prefer to teach in small groups with a maximum of six. But other guests can work also in their own studio rooms.
I have taught since 1993 and from that time I have developed the methodics and content of the lessons to make a diverse offer with different levels and strong visual results.
Participants can be beginners or advanced: you can ask for more information about art–making in combination with a holiday stay in the guesthouse. In my resume you can read about my teaching past.
Who want work independently is most welcome to stay longer and ask for feed–back from me or professional colleague's. Artist–in–Residency interested professional artists find information and an application form on my Turkey project page.

All updated information and costs can be inquired through email

What means the primary form?

- 'imagine and visualise then realise' -

Primary form is the basics of the world of elements and we study all form for it's meaning which is the starting point for abstraction and figuration. It is the most important and effective part of visual art. Like learning to talk and to walk.
By observing and analysing ones personal world of experience and shapes, it can be transformed into a specific language of images. Also the working of colour in relation to form will be discussed, as well as perspective and measures of scale; and designing and presenting. An important part of primary form is exercising with materials like: paper and canvas, paint and ink, brushes, pencils and pens and several chalks and coals.
Do you have questions? send me a mail.

!! ATTENTION ATTENTION !! ...the latest news...

The Babayan Culture House, my historic and restored cave guesthouse and art studio in Cappadocia opened its doors in May 2006. And received already some art–working guests.

So workshops will continue in Turkey, because that's where I live and teach now!
Don't hesitate to send me an email and ask any question about the workshops and the possibilities for art–making and staying! But please first visit my the Turkey Projects page to get an impression.

For general information about a combined holiday and an art–making stay in the Babayan Culture GuestHouse and all prices , please visit the Turkey Projects page of this website! Both art–makers as their companions are most welcome!

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