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Look at the rooms, read about the terms.
All information for a stay can be inquired by email. Below you find the reservation form to fill in.
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I prefer this room if possible: 1 – Tandir room (with kitchen)
2 – Arched room (with kitchen)
3 – Grape room
4 – Balcony room
5 – Pigeonhouse room
6 – Pasha room
7 – Komsu house
I would like to have information about: Total overview with Terms & Conditions
Art workshops one week
Nature and Culture program one week
Paul Broekman's music workshop
Local rent–a–car through Babayan Culture House

a Room with an Art Workshop, one week

a Room with a Nature Culture Program, one week

Send me a long stay Artist–in–Residence application form (artists with an art project proposal)

General remarques and questions:

Introduction to the art project (for artists):


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