Willemijn Bouman
visual artist

'Water–level' | 'Su týrasý'
acrylic on canvas, 2008, 130 - 150 cm

A painting, a statement.
A statement about the drinking- and wastewater situation in Cappadocia Turkey, where I live and work, which is out of balance.
The work has been exhibited in the 3d Contemporary Art Festival Mustafapasa 2008, as an awareness contribution to the theme WATER!=BRIGHT? SU!=PIRILTI?

3d Contemporary Art Festival Cappadocia in Mustafapasa 2008, theme: water!=bright?

All the time visitors were trying to hang the painting straight...

'Message in a bottle' – (design) six panels
acrylic on canvas, 2008

A way to show that the global situation of water is critical.
Therefore the water in 'Message in a bottle' is leveled, but the paintings are hanging out of balance.
These works need a wall surface of 2.50m. - 13 m.

'Erciyes 2000' (on a rainy day)
six pannels, acrylic on canvas, 2 – 6 m

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