Culture House Babayan
Art making and Workshops

On this page you see pictures of some outside and inside working spaces,
and the working possibilities for the artists–in–residency,
and some artists at work.

Studio in our next door cave house. Karl Ciesluk sculpting.

Studio in our next door cave house.


The large studio inside a cave (former stable of at least 2000 years old).

Studio view from the other site.

One of the outdoor working locations, next to the house.

Making use of the shade of the acacia tree.

The village well under our house is a very nice and cool working space.

Working on one of the balconies with spectaculair view...

The balcony of the Arch room.

The front terraces of the Tandir and Arch room; the artists appartments.

Professional designer Maaike Roozenburg works on a pottery concept.

First the concept and drawings, than the claying and backing.

The wood oven in Avanos, all our pottery makers can always use this large oven.

The placing of the many pots in the outside oven.

Maaike's pots are shapes based on wellknown historical pots.

Placed in front of the studio of the Culture House Babayan.


Working on it in full concentration.

Upper terrace in the evening sun.

Artists-in-Residence 2007: Leo van Velzen and Felice.


Felice in front of her Arched room.

Talking about the works and the assignment.

Leo van Velzen in front of his Tandir room.

Painting in the village well, this is also a good working space for sulptors.

The hanging of work in the Eleni church for the Mustafapasa Modern Art Festival.

The painting 'Landscapes' of Leo van Velzen almost in position.

Photo albums of Artists woking in the Babayan Culture House