Willemijn Bouman
visual artist

A few pictures of the Erciyes volcano, in the old times known as the mountain Argaeus,
this volcano shaped with some others the bizarre landscape of Cappadocia.

De strato–volcano is 3917 m high and towers majestic above the Anatolian plateau.

From our lodge to be reached in 50 minutes.

The Erciyes in May.
The snow just starts to melt.

The top can be reached in summer and winter.
In winter this mountain is a popular sporting area.

Aspecially in July and August, when it is hot on the plateau - on the Erciyes top can be walked in the snow.
An exciting experience!

You believe it or not, but on the way to the volcano are some typical Dutch landscapes...

At the foot of the Erciyes is a famous birds wetland (Birds Paradise) with reed marshes in salt water,
a popular habitat of flamingos and some unique duck types.

Don't forget to bring your binoculars on a daytrip!