Willemijn Bouman
visual artist

On this page I'll show you some pictures of all the special and beautiful spots in Cappadocia.
All these places are in the excursion programmes to be visited.

The bizarre rock shapes in the Baglidere valley (Love valley).

Also in this valley we will walk and enjoy...

The Göreme Open Air Museum with its famous end well preserved painted churches is included in our walking programm.

A large Monastery is to be seen in the Open Air Zelve Museum.

The Carikli Church is is a beautiful example of a well preserved object (UNESCO donation) and early Christian paintings.

A ceiling painting in a church in the Göreme Museum.

A - thanks to the Unesco World Heritage Programm - nicely restaurated church.

The famous Snake church

This is a picture of one of the 30 in the Nevsehir region found underground cities: Derinkuyu. The city is 85 meter deep and has many floors and air tunnels!

The other well preserved underground city of Kaymakli. This city is more complex in form, but only a part is open to public. You can see the rolling stone to keep intruders out of the Christian city.

Ihlara is a deep gorge that contains water in summer and winter.
The Ihlara-gorge is worn away of a totally flat plateau surface... In this valley are many churches and it is a nice fresh and shaded walk.

In summer one can swimm in the river.

The strange bumb in the small vilage of Ortahisar, on walking distance (30 min) from our village. In historical times this bumb was a castel.

And this is the castel of Uchisar also nearby us. From this rock you have the nicest and widest view on the landscape of Cappadocia.
And a beautiful sunset...

An average Cappadocian village.

In the balon the landscapes underneath you passes by and all small village sounds reach your ear, because of the silence going with the wind... you only hear the burning gas to heat the ballon... A extra-ordinary experience. Bit expencive though.

You can find the pottery makers in the lovely rivertown of Avanos. And everybody who is interested can follow a course.

The clay comes from the Kizilirmak (the red river) and the fish is also particularly tasty!

Trekking with the strong Cappadocian horses. One part of the day, but also more-day-trekkings are possible! Just what you prefer.

The beautiful and clean lake near Mustafapasa, where one can enjoy the sun on the sandy shores and take a cool swim.