'MAINSTREAM - awareness by art'
visual art
Turkey & The Netherlands

'Mainstream – awareness by art'
a group of artists present their 'water works'.

Ten professional artists working in Turkey and The Netherlands found each other on common ground in their concern for the shortage of drinking water and good sewerage systems, environmental pollution and the obvious signs of global warming and its subsequent effect in Turkey on dry areas including Central Anatolia (Cappadocia is a UNESCO World Heritage site) but also for big cities as Ankara and Istanbul.
They acknowledge that there is a growing struggle between urban and rural areas caused by global changes.

The food supply and major water use of cities diverted from rural areas create a great pressure and imbalance. For example, Turkey's longest river Kizilirmak which runs through Cappadocia is almost empty. It has supplied Ankara with drinking water since 2008.
The artists respond to the dilemma between East and West conditions. They use their art to give this shape to create 'Awareness by Art' for both Turkey and the global Water issue.

The artists will further develop and show their works in Istanbul in 2009 and 2010, when there are many activities, events and forums organized around art and the global water issue.

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'Google Water Gobelins' for Lettre International, Nr. 68

Artists participating in 'MAINSTREAM – awareness by art'

PAUL WIEGERINCK born The Netherlands – Video installation.
SUSAN DE KRUIFF born The Netherlands – Video installation.
Download their 'Water as a Lifeline' project (PDF)

CLEMENS ZALM born The Netherlands – Photography.
RINEKE KOP born The Netherlands – Painting.
Go to their water works

ULAY Germany/Netherlands – Intallation/Photography. Go to: WATERTOALL

PAUL BROEKMAN born The Netherlands, lives in Turkey – Installation. Go to his water works

WILLEMIJN BOUMAN born The Netherlands, lives in Turkey – Painting. Go to her water works

MARIA SEZER born The Netherlands, lives in Turkey – Painting/Installation.

NANCY ATAKAN born USA, lives in Turkey – Installation/Photography/Video.

GÜL ILGAZ born Turkey – Mixed media.

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GÜL ILGAZ – 'Pass by and go now at last', 2008, photography

Documents & websites & videos relevant for 'MAINSTREAM – awareness by art'

  • Art/Eco Platform Cappadocia – The Art/Eco Platform Cappadocia is a growing cooperation between artists and organizations who concern unique and historical Cappadocia. By expressing themselves, visual artists, theatre makers and musicians, draw attention in a positive way to protect the vulnerable tufa stone environment from fast–developing 'modern world' influences, such as lack of good wastewater– and garbage solutions and the misuse of the environment for tourist developments (pdf file).
  • EKOKAP – Towards an alternative and sustainable solution for wastewater treatment in rural areas in Cappadocia: setting-up a constructed wetland in Ibrahimpasa. Project initiator: NIHAnkara. Fund received from Hayata+ and realisation in 2008/2009. (Türkçe pdf file) (English pdf file)

  • 'Garbage and wastewater problems in Ortahisar and Ibrahimpasa' – Two connected neighbor villages in Cappadocia (pdf file).

  • Video – 'A Lunar Landscape' by KozaVisual about the water and wastewater situation in Cappadocia.
  • Video – Interviews with Dutch artists within the Netherlands Pavilion in '3d International Contemporary Art Festival' Cappadocia 2008, theme: WATER!=BRIGHT SU!=PIRILTI?
  • Gölyazi Lake Project – Artists residency program for the social transformation of Uluabat village, Bursa. A community based art project organised and coordinated by Gül Ilgaz (MAINSTREAM member artist).
  • 5533 – An experimental art space in Istanbul founded by Nancy Atakan (MAINSTREAM member artist).

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· NIHAnkara – Netherlands Institute for Higher Education.
· KozaVisual – Audio–Visual Research and Education.
· TNWP – Turkish Netherlands water Partnership.
· Royal Netherlands Embassy
· NIT – Netherlands Institute in Turkey.
· Babayan Culture House Foundation (Principles: pdf file).
· Santral Istanbul – Educational, cultural and artistic projects of Istanbul Bilgi University.
· FabrikArtGrup — Initiator of the Annual International Contemporary Art Festival Cappadocia.

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Sponsors & Funds & Subsidiation

The project will be brought broad under attention and money or material support requests will go to several organizations such as:
· Royal Netherlands Embassy
· State and regional arts councils and arts organizations in The Netherlands, Germany, Turkey etc.
· Exhibition space owners, printing offices, water organizations etc.

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News & Up–dates

  • 'MAINSTREAM – awareness by art' has been offered publication on the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul.
    The visual arts department of the Istanbul 2010 ECOC (European Cultural Capital) is planning to realise a single project: a video-art pool with the general 'water' concept, to be projected in different locations during the WWF5 Event. 'MAINSTREAM – awareness by art' was invited to contribute.
  • We are in contact with Santral Istanbul for an exhibiton.
  • Where and when ever possible the 'MAINSTREAM – awareness by art' group will exhibit and manifest their works in Istanbul or other locations. Because of lack in time and on funding there will be no art contribution of this group on the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul March 2009.
    We keep you informed!

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Rineke Kop & Clemens Zalm – design for art in Water forum & events 2009.

Rineke Kop & Clemens Zalm
3d Contemporary Art Festival Cappadocia in Mustafapasa.

Paul Broekman – 'Half empty, half full' Installation 2008.

Paul Wiegerinck & Susan de Kruiff
'Water as a Life Line' detail video installation

Villagers of Ibrahimpasa watch the video installation 'Water as a Life Line' of Paul Wiegerinck & Susan de Kruiff.

Willemijn Bouman – 'Waterlevel' acrylic/canvas, 2008.

Visitors of the 3d Contemporary Art Festival Cappadocia in Mustafapasa will try to hang the painting straight...

Maria Sezer – floor-picture with plants doomed to extinction because of the drying up of wet-lands.

Artists group within Netherlands Pavilion – 3d Contemporary Art festival Cappadocia in Mustafapasa.
Some are member of 'MAINSTREAM – awareness by art'.

'Peri' art installation of Tina Eskilsson developed during her art-residency 2008 in Babayan Culture House.

Villagers of Ibrahimpasa look at 'Peri' an art installation of Tina Eskilsson.

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