Willemijn Bouman
beeldend kunstenaar | visual artist
vormgever | designer

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Dear Willemijn:
I am pleased to present 'Willemijn Bouman, visual artist and designer' with the Perfect Vision Bronze Award. Your elegant and skilful presentation of uniquely impressive content ensure your status as a creative visionary. Thanks again for your participation in this program, and for affording me the opportunity to evaluate your beautiful website. Best Regards, Catherine

Catherine Ruston, Webmaster - Sept 2000
This Perfect Day
Perfect Vision Award Program

Award Sites! rating: 4.5

Your site has won the 'ArtPro of the Web Award'. Your site is excellent! Keep up the good work and again, Thank You for applying! Sincerely,
ArtPro Web Design - Sept 2000

Hi Willemijn,
I finally got around to going through a lot of award entries and your site has been chosen as one of the few that has earned an 'Alchemix Award' for the good work and originality that you have put into your site. Your site has been added to the winners list. Thanks for submitting your site. As an art related site, it has also been added to my art links page.

Geoff Lussier BFA Honours - June 2000
ALCHEMIX - Web Development for Artists & Crafters

Unlike many web awards, we do not ask visitors to apply. We do not advertise our award on any awards site to increase traffic to our own. Our awards are given freely to those that we feel have created a web site that informs,functions in a concise manner and serves as an example of the artist or artists (or art related resources) contained on-site in an honest manner.
Subsequently, we are very pleased to inform you that after careful consideration of your web site we have determined that it meets our standard of excellence as a representative of arts on the web. Our criteria for judging is based on the ease of navigation and layout, information supplied (if applicable), aesthetic quality, and level of creativity and expression.

Jessica Sellars - May 2000
Awards Department - Studio 211

Dear Willemijn,
We very pleased to inform you that after reviewing your website we have determined that it is indeed one that should have our 'Quality Trading Award of Excellence'. In addition, we will return soon to have a more in depth look at your website as we did find it of interest. Your website will be added to our winners list during our next website update, within a week. Sincerely,

Jim Winters - April 2000
VP Sales and Marketing / Webmaster - Quality Trading Company

Award Sites! rating: 4.0

Thank you for the opportunity to look at your website. Our Germany and USA Team Creations staff performed a complete website evaluation consisting of loading speed, use of graphics, links, theme and overall layout. Your site scored very well and we are pleased to present you our SILVER award.
Your site will be listed and linked on our winners page. Have a beautiful day - and again: CONGRATULATIONS !! Kind regards,

Michael - April 2000
Team Creations - Review Staff -

Congratulations! You won the 'Jeff Hobrath Art Studio Web Award'! Great Job!
Jeff Hobrath - April 2000

Congratulations! After careful review, we have chosen your site (Willemijn Bouman, Artist - http://www.wbouman.com) as a winner of 'My ParenTime's Informed Site Award'!
We offer this award strictly to those sites that provide information that will'help the public in some way. My ParenTime stresses this importance, and believes'it'makes a better online community. Thank you for having an informed site! Congratulations again on displaying an Informed Site! Best always,

Joi M. Lasnick - April 2000
My ParenTime (Info Community)
We aim to inform, educate, & entertain!

Dear Webmaster, Congratulations, You've Won! After careful consideration, the judging staff at Triumph PC ONLINE is pleased to announce that your site has won our 2000 'Award of Triumph' for good overall design and execution! You should consider this both a great honour and a testament to your good taste and webdesign skills.Thank you for entering and keep up the great work! Sincerely,
The Staff of Triumph PC ONLINE - April 2000
Exceed The Legend.(tm)

Guten Tag und Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Sie haben mit Ihrer Homepage, den 'EVENTAGENTUR.COM - EUROPEAN BEST OF ARTIST AWARD' gewonnen! Dieser Award richtet sich speziell an Künstler, Musiker, Bands, Künstler- und Verantaltungsagenturen uws. Außerdem an Homepages, die sich mit dem Showbusiness im weitesten Sinn beschäftigen. Mit zauberhaften Grüßen.

Eventagentur.com - March 2000

Your site is beautifully designed - easy to navigate and a pleasure to visit.
Thank you!

Jeanne - www.imaginesuccess.com - March 2000

Award Sites! rating: 3.5
We are pleased to announce that your site has received a rating of 7. A great site. It uses a good layout. Is easy to read and navigate. The site has: Original Presentation, Original Content, Good colour co-ordination, No HTML errors, No written email address, very useful for web based email. And no under construction banners. Keep up the great work. It was also pleasant to find that images on the site had been optimized to some extent.
Placing the 'ERAust Site Award' on your site will qualify your site to be listed in the ERAust Hall of Fame.

Tim Butler - March 2000
Electronic Reproductions Australia

!! Dank u

Thank you !!

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